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The University of Oklahoma Sooners Football - Reflections on my great false god
Real quick, what could be the difference today against Florida State

I was an offensive lineman, I loved it, I loved practice.  I can be fascinated watching videos of us doing the Oklahoma drill for a long time.

So what I loved about the Tulsa game was our blockers zeal.  Maybe the effort had something to do with the death of Austin Box bringing an awareness that they only have so much time to play this game and they should joyfully give it their all.  That is what our blockers did against Tulsa, especially the offensive line.  They blocked the entire play, they did not let up till the whistle blew.  I saw one offensive lineman block a Tulsa player and continue to drive him back 15 or twenty yards till the whistle blew.

If we get that kind of effort today and the game is close that could be the difference maker.  Yes, Florida State has a bigger defense than Tulsa.  But that kind of relentless blocking co-mingled with our quick snap offense can do two things to defeat Florida State.  One, Florida State defense will get tired.  Two it can break their will; tired players can start thinking “man this is relentless, I am getting hit hard every single play no matter where I am on the field till the whistle blows.  I don’t know how much more I can take.”

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